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Even though our flagship products (Visual MailPrep Enterprise, Address Builder and ActiveX®/COM Automation Server) deal primarily with Postal, Demographic/GeoCoding and Data Management Technologies, we are pleased to introduce new products of interest to the Real Estate community, such as: The Puerto Rico Photo Store and the Email Framework Generator for Appraisers.

Email Framework Generator for Appraisers

The Email Framework Generator is an extremely simple-to-use/specialized programmed utility that automates several of the steps necessarily undertaken by Appraisers just prior to submitting their appraisal and inspection group .PDF documents to select mortgage lenders, such as R-G Mortgage (Puerto Rico).

The Generator helps appraisers save time by creating the formatted .TXT attachment that must accompany appraisal documents, generating uniformed subject lines with case number/date/time data and pre-filling the sender email address. 

Automation offers the confidence of knowing that all the email elements are properly formatted and correspond to each other.

How does the Email Generator work?  
Step by Step instructions
  • At the Generator, you enter the Case Number exactly as provided by the lender (i.e. “171-1383699”).
  • The Generator produces the corresponding formatted number and if you have opted, it copies the file name and location to the appraisal .PDF.
  • You optionally paste the file name in your Appraisal System (i.e. WinTOTAL) when prompted to save/print the .PDF. to the designated folder (i.e. C:\Win2000\PDFFiles\).
  • Click "Run!" at the Generator and it will:

    1> Create the corresponding .TXT submittal
    2> Start Microsoft Outlook
    3> Create a new email containing both documents .TXT and .PDF attachments, as well as, populate Subject and Sender information.

    You would then simply input your custom Body-Message and Click "Send".

Microsoft Outlook Security Prompts  
A few years ago, Microsoft introduced security logic to Outlook aimed at preventing unauthorized delivery of emails from external programs.  In this case, it consists of a couple of prompts requesting confirmation from the user whether or not to grant permission to a 3rd party application to send an email programmatically.

Even though the GENERATOR DOES NOT SEND EMAILS (it merely PREPARES THEM for you to edit/review/send), it will trigger these confirmation dialogs if your Outlook application has not been configured under the Security Zones to allow the execution of scripts or if your version of Outlook does not feature the ability to configure such option.  In any event, there are several alternatives:

Option A> You simply press "YES" at the occurring prompts (pictures below) each time you want the Generator to prepare an email.

Option B> You install the 3rd party ClickYes Application from ContextMagic (read more about the FREE version here or download directly here) which automatically "signs" the Outlook prompts when they appear.  The Email Generator will detect if you have installed ClickYes and automatically enable and disable it for your convenience.

System Requirements  
These are Minimum System Requirements
Email Editor
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 (Service Pack 2 or later), 2002 or 2003
  • PC with a Pentium-class processor
Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later operating system
  • Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • 128 MB of RAM minimum; 256 MB or higher recommended
Hard Disk
  • 20 MB of available hard-disk space
  • Super VGA 800 X 600 or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
Other Considerations  
The Email Framework Generator has been programmed taking into account the CURRENT/KNOWN requirements (October 2006) of select mortgage lenders regarding the digital submission of Appraisal and Inspection Group documents.  We are not in a position to ascertain if these requirements will change materially in the future but have a natural desire to modify the program to take into account new requirements if these were put in effect. While we do not anticipate any changes, if they were to occur we will exercise the right to either: modify the program and publish an edited version for free to existing licensed users, modify the program and publish an edited version for an upgrade fee to existing licensed users or discontinue our involvement in this endeavor altogether.
FREE 30-Day Trial  
Currently, we are offering a FREE 30-day trial version of the Email Generator.

The 30-day DEMO version of the Generator works like the licensed version of the program with one exception

You will need to manually change the generated .TXT-attachment file name with one that begins with YOUR 2-letter INITIALS.



To download the FREE DEMO version click here.

( Please allow several minutes for the 3.7 MB download to complete. )


BUY a license of the Email Framework Generator

 Solution Graphics

We will send you download instructions within 24-hrs upon receipt of your payment for a registered license of the Email Framework Generator for Appraisers.  During the online payment process, you can specify the 2-Letter appraisers' INITIALS so we can brand your registered copy of the Generator .



( Single-user license $ 29.95 )


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